Contract Manufacture

Sekisui Diagnostics has successfully provided enzyme services to many global companies for a variety of applications including biotherapeutic manufacture, pharmaceuticals production, clinical chemistry and biosensors.

In addition to enzymes, our speciality products team has supported development programmes during scale up and manufacture of plasmids, antibodies and carbohydrates.

Our facilities and expertise include world-class fermentation based manufacturing, along with fully integrated Research and Development, Quality and Engineering teams.

Core manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Fermentation to 600L and 6,000L
  • Extensive downstream processing options
  • Solvent handling up to 1,000L (category 2 solvents)
  • Chromatography up to 200L
  • Class 100,000 clean-room suite for chromatography
  • Hygienic fill/finish to Class 1,000
  • Monoclonal antibody production

Potential partners approach us with unique challenges requiring unique solutions and we follow a timely, cost-effective and proven approach to address these challenges. Through our philosophy of close customer support and commitment to quality we find this leads to successful partnerships.

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